INTEGRITY:      We believe integrity is the cornerstone of all  

                                  our relationships; therefore we will expect all of

                                  our staff to be honest and forthright with our          ,

                                  clients, patients, each other, and all others

                                  whom they may contact.

STAFF:                  We believe well trained, highly motivated staff

                                  is the most important means of serving our clients;

                                  therefore, we will select, train, and reward staff

                                  whom place client/patient satisfaction first.

CLIENTS:             We believe that nothing happens until we have     

                                   a client; therefore, we will place the satisfaction

                                   of our clients above other business consideration.

COMMUNITY:    We believe a profitable, growing business should,                                     from its abundance, invest in the community

                                   that sustains it; therefore, we will individually

                                   and corporately invest in selected

                                   philanthropic activities in the communities we



Loving Care for Independent Living.....

Seniors who want to stay in their own homes look for outside assistance with daily tasks, such as preparing meals, housekeeping, and managing personal hygiene. Seniors who are no longer able to drive may seek out reliable transportation to medical appointments, social functions or shopping expeditions.

Services are available for people in need of assistance with the essential activities of daily living (ADLs) such as eating, stand-by assistance with bathing, stand-by assistance with dressing, and carrying out basic household duties.

In addition to senior care, we also provide dependable, affordable, bonded and insured caregivers for non-medical in-home care of new mothers, those recuperating from illness, surgery as well as continuing care for those facing lifelong challenges. We fit any budget and any schedule, providing care for just a few hours per day up to 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

 Love and Companion In-Home Care, LLC