Love and Companion In-Home Care, LLC


At Love and Companion In-Home Care, LLC, we believe that care giving is all about serving. Our mission is to provide the utmost in top quality temporary and permanent in-home care to our clients delivered by a well trained, highly motivated and caring staff who exude the values of professionalism, honesty and integrity and who seek to place the needs of our clients first. We strive to enhance the quality of life to those that we serve. Finally, it is our mission to provide an opportunity for financial growth for our caregivers through a well managed business organization that promotes service, quality, safety and cost effective care for our clients. 

We are bonded and insured. Our Caregivers are very carefully selected, vetted and background checked. They are kind, reliable and trustworthy. If I wouldn’t send them to my mother’s home, I won’t send them to yours. From our conception, we have never compromised our commitment to being a leader in client dedication, integrity and excellence in home care.

We strongly believe that client care is #1 priority. By customizing your non-medical needs a schedule is formulated to enhance a comfortable, healthy lifestyle. We are dedicated to providing an affordable alternative, which allows clients to remain in their own homes.

Our goal is to provide safe, quality, and cost effective home care services to all clients. We aim to meet the client's needs in the nurturing environment of his/her home, minimize the impact of the client's condition on the family, and respect the role of the family in the care of the client.

If you can’t be everywhere you need to be, or do everything you want to do for your family, we know how that feels. Let us take some of the load off of you. Our goal is for us to become part of your family and you to become part of ours.

"Let me tell you about the nationally accredited (NCCA) Certified Senior Advisor® credential and why I became a CSA.  It was important to me to educate myself about the complex health, social, and financial issues that seniors are facing today.  You are important and deserve outstanding service from me in my area of expertise.  I want to be able to provide you with valuable resources.

​To earn and maintain my CSA certification, I passed a national background check and studied over forty hours in preparation of passing a rigorous three hour examination.  I adhere to a strict code of ethics and keep my senior education current by earning 30 hours of continuing education every three years.  As a CSA, I hope to be a calming presence and valuable resource during what is often a crisis situation.  My desire is that you will see the CSA difference in the way I conduct my business and serve you and your family."  

Thank you for your time and interest.

                                            We look forward to helping you!

Mary Johnson Campbell, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®